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Grell & Watson specializes in Intellectual Property Law – Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Business Contracts, & Licensing. We are a group of patent lawyers in Charlotte specializing as Patent Attorney, Patent Lawyer, IP Attorneys, Trademark Attorney, and Trademark lawyer.

Grell & Watson Patent Attorneys, LLC (“GWPA”) is a unique intellectual property law firm concentrating in the areas of Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, and related IP Matters. GWPA is a resource to, not only the Charlotte metro area, but all of North Carolina.  GWPA is one of a few firms that specializes in IP law that serves Charlotte and cities throughout North Carolina.  GWPA’s unique business model of reducing the overhead costs of traditional law firms while still maintaining all of the resources required of IP law firms, allows GWPA to serve Charlotte and the rest of North Carolina in an extremely efficient manner that will be economically beneficial for the clients and the community.   GWPA is well positioned to offer clients in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina the full range of services required to draft, prosecute, and protect the rights involved in all aspects of intellectual property – patent, trademark, and copyright.

I’m a Patent Lawyer and Entrepreneur who holds his own portfolio of patents and trademarks. I don’t just practice as an IP Lawyer Charlotte, NC I am an Inventor and Idea person as well.

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I am a Charlotte patent attorney/patent lawyer, licensed with the State of North Carolina (Charlotte IP Lawyer, Charlotte NC and registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Jeff Watson

Patent Attorney Charlotte Jeff Watson

Jeff Watson

Patent Lawyer Charlotte

 Patent Attorney Charlotte

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Grell & Watson Patent Attorneys LLC (“GW Patent Attorneys”) is excited to announce that IP lawyer Jeff Watson has become a founding member and partner of GW Patent Lawyers.  Jeff runs the office in Charlotte, NC and will be available for meetings across the Carolinas.  A native Charlottean, Jeff graduated from the University of Miami School Of Law.  Prior to law school, Jeff earned an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University.  Following law school, Jeff was an associate patent lawyer for a local boutique IP firm for over 7.5 years before joining GW Patent Attorneys.  Mr. Watson is a skillful patent lawyer in a wide range of practice areas with a strong background in mechanical arts including automotive, engines, shocks and suspensions, software and electronics, textile and material science patents, as well as process and business methods patents. Jeff’s primary focus is on the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, but also has extensive experience in patent litigation.  He is also an accomplished trademark attorney with a thorough background in trademark prosecution, domestic and foreign filings, matters before the TTAB, and trademark litigation.  Jeff is a member of the North Carolina State Bar and is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Western District of North Carolina, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  Jeff is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association, the Mecklenburg County Bar Association, and is currently serving on the board for the Carolina Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law Association.  Jeff is an active member in the Charlotte community and looks forward to assisting clients with any IP issues and procurement, not just throughout the Charlotte metro area, but all over the Carolinas.

Jeff Watson is eager to publicize that he has partnered with Mat Grell to form Grell & Watson Patent Lawyers LLC (“GW Patent Attorneys”). GW IP Lawyers is a boutique IP firm based in Atlanta, GA and has partnered with Jeff to open a satellite office in Charlotte, NC to serve, not only clients in the Charlotte metro area, but clients throughout the Carolinas.  Mr. Watson is delighted to partner with Mr. Grell and form GW Patent Attorneys as he believes it is a unique firm with a great team of attorneys that will truly benefit his clients and the local community.

“I am truly excited to announce my partnership with Mat to form the Grell & Watson Patent Lawyers firm.  GW IP Lawyers is way ahead of the times and is setting a new standard for patent preparation and prosecution law firms. GW Patent Attorneys will allow me to serve clients in Charlotte and throughout the Carolinas at much lower costs by significantly decreasing the wasteful overhead of traditional brick and mortar law firms.  At the same time, GW Patent Attorneys has a first class operating system that will easily preserve the docketing and systems resources required by IP related matters, including a comprehensive docketing system for all patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  By decreasing the overhead costs and at least maintaining the same level of service expected of me from my clients, GW Patent Lawyers will allow me to provide clients a greater level of IP protection and service at a lower rate.  Not only am I excited about the opportunity for improved client service, I am also excited about working on such a close nit team with Mat and the rest of the staff of GW IP Attorneys, who have great minds and are pioneers for all IP attorneys.”  –Jeff Watson

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We are a group of Patent Attorneys serving Charlotte and the surrounding North Carolina cities – Patent Lawyer Concord, Gastonia, Rock Hill, Harrisburg, Mint Hill, Pineville. Trademark Attorney, Trademark Lawyer, and Patent Attorney Charlotte.

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I am a patent lawyer and registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Patent Attorney Charlotte
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